This auction has completed. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about this auction or how our auctions work. We hope to see you at our next auction!
Self Storage Auction: Extra Spaces - Broomfield
Starts: Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012 03:00 PM
What treasures will you find here?

PLEASE NOTE: Please do NOT PARK in the neighboring business lots. They will tow your car. We appreciate your help in keeping the neighbors happy. (Sorry, no public restroom available at this location)
Note: Schur Success Auction and Appraisal provides the lock-cut and inventory service for this location.
Storage Auction Terms and Conditions:

This is a CASH ONLY sale, and payment is due IMMEDIATELY when you buy a unit. There is no time to leave and get money. We do NOT accept checks, credit cards, cashier checks, or traveler’s checks. JUST CASH.

You are bidding on the entire contents of each unit. The manager will unlock and open the door to each unit. You will have just a minute or two to look at the contents from OUTSIDE the unit. You may not enter. A flashlight would be helpful.

The entire contents of the unit will be sold, and the winning bidder must take everything out of the unit, leaving it broom-swept so that it can be immediately re-rented. You may not use the dumpster on site. You will have 24 hours PER UNIT for removal. If you buy 3 units, you’ll have 3 days. Some locations will gladly work with buyers of large or multiple units.

There are no guarantees or warranties on anything in the unit, so BUYER BEWARE.

Unless you have a copy of your resale exemption certificate with you, you will be charged sales tax. In most cases, you will also be required to post a $100 cash deposit. This deposit will be returned if the unit is emptied and cleaned within the time line established for each location. If you fail to clean the unit out, you will forfeit the deposit.

There is no smoking at storage auctions.

Announcements made at the time of the auction supersede any printed announcements.
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2050 W. 6th Avenue
Broomfield, CO 80020
(303) 465-4447

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